Wood fired catering.

We specialize in gourmet, thin crust wood-fired pizza and cuisine; anytime, anywhere.

Wineries, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, graduations, tailgate parties, and more.
wood fired oven

The revival of the wood fired oven: the attraction and magic of a traditional wood-fired oven creates one of the most unique experiences in the culinary world. The warm, glowing, flickering flame, and the scent of a wood fire elevates the mood of any event and highlights the flavoring of anything baked in a Forma wood fired oven.

special requirements

Forma Pizzeria provides healthy alternatives and is able to fulfill any special cultural or religious requirements. We offer 100% whole-wheat, gluten-free dough, Kosher pizzas, and low-calorie pizzas. We'll also be happy to help you design your own, custom menu for your event and prepare it for you.

fundraising | charity

Make some dough for your organization. Receive a percentage of sales back to your charity or school. Contact us for more details.

greener pizza

We at Forma Pizzeria do our best to be as environmentally conscious as we can, if you are interested, please ask us for our environmentally friendly, biodegradable tableware and paper products.

make and bake

We provide the space, and training to teach you and your guests to mix and roll their own dough and build their own pizza. In just a few moments, you and your guests will be enjoying their very own wood fired pizzas. The make & bake experience is fun, casual, and engaging; it's great for any-age birthdays, reunions, or celebrations of any sort.


Forma is able to provide wood-fired pizza at many events; car shows, music festivals, street fairs, sports and outdoor venues, tailgate parties, golf tournaments, performing arts venues, school, community, corporate events, and so much more.


Each event is unique and has specific requirements and demands; therefore, please call us for pricing and reservations. All prices are based on two-hour events and charges are collected on a per-mouth basis, varying with menu selection. Extra personnel hours will be charged hourly, per staff member required as determined by the size of the party. All events held outside of the geographical limits of El Paso proper, will be subject to a vehicle and transportation surcharge. For larger events, the specifications outlined herein may not apply as detailed; please call for more information. Our ovens can produce up to 72 14" pizzas/hour or 120 10" pizzas/hour.